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The exchange program with CBU is designed to maximize the value of your college experience and make it as beneficial as possible. We are not only aiming for academic enhancement, but we are also aiming for personal development in every possible way.


Affordable Canadian Education: CIC offers you the chance to travel to Canada and study abroad in CBU with reasonable, affordable fees for an Egyptian student.

Canadian Classroom: Get the chance to experience excellent Canadian education by travelling to CBU, and live the full Canadian student experience on campus.

Canadian Society: Canada is a hub of diversity; it is THE place to go to learn about  the history, norms, and traditions of different cultures and appreciate our differences in the process.

Self-Development: Living alone and taking full responsibility of your day to day life and studies will grant you the “Captain of the Helm” experience that is surely needed for your future endeavors.

“I was looking forward to start my fifth semester at CBU In September 2015, I made a lot of new friends from different countries and I was blessed to have flexible, professional and well understanding professors who eased my academic journey at CBU and made me cherish and appreciate the education they were providing by always trying my best and giving it my all.I strongly advise students who have the ability to transfer to CBU because it is a life changing experience that can lead to many doors into a brighter future full of success.”

Esraa Ashraf
CIC Student in CBU


CIC & CBU have signed a Student Exchange Agreement to enhance the educational and cross-cultural understanding. This program will help you develop your analytical and problem-solving skills, increase awareness and self-esteem which have a great impact on your life in general, and your career path in particular. Canada isn’t only known for having one of the best educational systems in the world, it is also considered a haven of diversity and multiculturalism all over the globe. You have the choice to stay at CBU’s dorms or rent a place of your own and get a part time job to pay the rent, in other words, you are now the master of your own sea. Overall, Canada is a really interesting place to visit to develop yourself and skills while having fun and opening your mind to new ideas, so imagine what studying there for one semester or two could do to you.