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Communication is one of the very basic components of life, yet it’s one of the integral keys to Civilization. Throughout the years, basic communication grew and evolved to reach the form of Mass Communication that connects the people; hence connects the world. CIC offers you the opportunity to become the voice of tomorrow.

As you study mass communication and media, you  will be exposed to a variety of media and communication courses and experiences that will provide you with the skills needed to work in the field. During this course you’ll develop an understanding of the relationship between mass media and society. Drawing on other disciplines such as political science and cultural studies, you’ll be introduced to some of the key approaches to analyze the media-society relationship and How media can influence society.

Through our partnership with Cape Breton University you’ll have a deep recognition of the latest global trends in media communications, and have the opportunity to do work placements at international companies & TV channels.

Vision: The forefront of the higher education institutes in Egypt and the middle east in awarding outstanding and internationally accredited scientific degrees

Mission: The Canadian higher institute of mass communication is committed to offer exceptional academic environment that helps students gain the knowledge, skills, and professional ethics to compete locally, and in a partnership with the Canadian universities to qualify graduates to work regionally and internationally . the institute support scientific research and gaining the community trust .


The field of Mass Communication is one of the most important majors as the media plays an important role in the development and education of the community. CIC offers mass communication programs in English and Arabic to guarantee all students receive the same level of education and knowledge. Our students use the latest technology and practical applications under the supervision of a group of the best specialized academic staff members. Welcome to CIC!

Prof. Dr. Magy El Halawany

Chairman of CIC
Former Dean of Mass Communication at Cairo University



Our School of Mass Communication Egyptian Bachelor Degree is accredited by The Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education & Supreme Council of Universities. Moreover, Students Enrolled in the Dual Program or Canadian Program will receive a Canadian Degree from our partner, The University of Cape Breton. Our graduates also get to enroll for the newly formed Media Syndicate membership and fully enjoy its benefits.


Public Relations & Advertising

Public Relations & Advertising

During this course you’ll gain the skills and knowledge that today’s PR professionals need in a fast-moving media environment. This course provides you with the key skills needed to develop a career in the fast-growing fields of public relations and promotion.




Discover how to communicate creatively with diverse audiences through a variety of traditional and digital mediums. Learn to create, produce and distribute content on various media formats from television, radio and the Internet. Write the hit story, edit the masterpiece, or even run the show.




Studying Journalism at CIC opens doors to a range of careers where you can showcase your talent. It’s not only about writing, it’s how you write, edit and present the piece of content to your audience, and this of course needs practice! That is why our school of Mass Communication gives you the chance to study and practice the art of journalism with industry professionals who always make sure to keep you on the right track.


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CIC is dedicated to producing well-rounded graduates that possess not only academic excellence, but also the real-world skills needed to succeed. In order to achieve this, CIC arranges for field trips outside the campus to allow students to visit businesses that are relevant to the material they are studying. These trips are designed to give them experience and insight into their major, making then more aware and equipped for when they graduate and enter their career. By doing so, CIC is providing the students with the experience beyond the classroom that will be the foundation for their future success.

Mass Communication students have the opportunity to visit with many partner companies, including Deutsche Welle. Upon return to the college, students are often given assignments or projects that encapsulate the experience in a meaningful way.



CIC is dedicated to supporting its students, and therefore has many scholarships and financial aid opportunities available. CIC is educating the leaders of tomorrow, and wants to make sure that brilliant young minds are not overlooked based on their financial situation today. As part of our commitment to excellence in education, we want to ensure that all students who are accepted to CIC can pursue their studies with financial peace of mind.

Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including merit and need. To see if you are eligible, check out the link below.

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I’ve worked as development officer before graduation as a part-timer at CIC and once i graduated i started working as a Social Media Specialist. My college experience has given me the skills to fit into the business field because of practical training sessions i had through my academic years. It has taught me how to generate creative and out of the box ideas, how to deal with projects that’s later made me well-prepared for real world experience.

Dunia El khawnky
Social Media Specialist