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Student Development Office

Knowledge in action!

The role of our Student Development Office (SDO) is not only to facilitate an easy transition from school to college, but also to prepare you for life after graduation with minimum struggles. During your years of study here at CIC, we will provide you with a transformative experience that will make you always ready for your next step. We provide you with a balanced equation of success, combining academic methodologies with co-curricular activities that are relevant to your field of study.
Success is not measured based on your academic degree alone, as the degree does not guarantee you a job, it only qualifies you to apply. As the competition in the job market increases; employers won’t see you as a well-rounded candidate if you don’t have the skills & practical experience required before graduation.
We offer a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities that will help you engage and have a better understanding and recognition of the value of these practices as they guide your way to success.

CIC provided me a great chance to have summer training at Audi Bank for 3 months. I had passed by 6 departments (Finance, Trade Finance, Treasury, Risk, Corporate and Retail) which was a good opportunity to gain huge experience in different aspects of banking field and that was very useful in my studies. I’m so grateful for CIC and Development office for providing me such a chance to have the experience of the real work.

– Carol Edward
School of Business Administration, Class 2016




Soft skills development is crucial for your success, as it will help you build & maintain strong relationships. Some employers expect that you know all about business ethics and work behavior, they don’t put time to teach you these skills, we do. CIC knows exactly how import these skills are in the job market, and therefore works to ensure these skills are developed, making you well prepared to enter the market upon your graduation. We provide a wide range of training sessions: Communication & presentation skills, leadership & time management, etc.



Now that you have the knowledge through the academic material and the required skills, you are just steps away from being a well-rounded student able to prove yourself wherever you go. We provide a wide range of career-related training programs & workshops that give you an extended idea on how things happen in real life, and how you should prepare for it. You will be able to attend sessions with multiple employers that will help you know more about the market & its requirements – giving you an edge when you seek out career opportunities. 

Field Trips

Hands-on training through communicating to the industry leaders

As one of the world’s largest and most progressive property developers, the company is always known for its accomplishments. We send our Business Administration students on a field trip to Emaar to learn all about the organization’s units, get a better understanding on how they function, a description of each role and how they are all operated to achieve the organization’s goal.

Our students get to Apply their classroom theories in the real world. Coca-Cola’s field trip is one of the regular trips that always helps in increasing the engagement of students, as they have an insight on how the company strive to enhance every aspect of their product to maintain high-quality standards, which in return affect the understanding of students to the importance of continuous development to any business.

We send our students on field trips so that they can have a closer look on the real work experience. Orascom Construction is one of our most visited sites, as they focus on the infrastructure industrial & high-end commercial projects, this provides our Engineering students a better understanding as they get to live the practical experience not just a theoretical understanding of their field of study.

Fiber Optics, Automatic Control, PLC, & Material test those are the labs that our Engineering students visit on their field trip to Microsoft. Those lab visits & field trips always help our students to be inspired by the continuous achievement of the company, making them highly-skilled & ready to compete in the market as they are provided with an integrated academic program along with supervised work experience.

That’s right, we send our Mass Communication students to the well-known Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster. They get to learn all about short wave, internet & satellite radio broadcasting from a credible channel as they have a closer look on the cycle of turning information into communicated message through their different channels in a free, independent, highly-qualified environment.

CIC Civil Architecture students were able to experience their craft in an new way when they visited Russia.  Students visited Kazan State University of Architecture in Russia where they worked in a concrete lab and visited a structural steel factory, and worked on an urban development project of the Kaban Lakes area. They also got to see buildings such as the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the State Historical Museum in Moscow!


Turn knowledge into real experience



You are now ready to apply all that you have learned throughout the year. As it’s the communicating channel between you and the employers, SDO will give you the chance to integrate your academic studies with work through a paid, relevant work experience in your field of study.

There will be announcements about the available internships, all that you need to do is fill a registration form, submit your C.V. & wait for the call from your future employer.



We are committed to preparing qualified graduates to compete in the workplace; we are keen to offer our homegrown talents part-time jobs to enhance their professional skills in dynamic work environments.

SDO gives you the chance to enroll in a part-time job in any of our different departments according to the available vacancies.

What are skills without the ability to show them off!

Now that you have all elements needed, from soft skills & language development to training & work experience that made you the well-rounded candidate that employers are looking for. What is left for you to rock in the market is to know exactly how to choose your career, and how to sell your skills in a C.V. that grabs the attention of any employer. SDO will guide through every step of the way.

Career Exploration Workshop

We offer unique career coaching sessions by experts for our potential graduates. We help them in the career search process and help identify what should be their next step. We know what employers are looking for, and with the increased competition we aim to help out students discover their best career fit based on their talents and interests – which are the key to success.

C.V. writing: tips & tricks

As a potential graduate, you probably don’t have enough experience yet that you can highlight in your C.V. The SDO provides you with sessions that will help you write an outstanding C.V., highlighting all the training, workshops & part-time work experience that you had during your college years. Learn how to write the C.V. that will get you the job you’ve always wanted.

Mock Interviews

SDO, in cooperation with its partners, allows you to experience a real-life interview simulation to pass through multiple stages. Starting with psychometric tests to assess your ability in specific skills, learning more about interview behavior, what to do and what not to, then followed by feedback about your point of strength & weakness so that you can optimize or work on them.  

Mock Interviews

SDO, in cooperation with its partners, allows you to experience a real-life interview simulation to pass through multiple stages. Starting with psychometric tests to assess your ability in specific skills, learning more about interview behavior, what to do and what not to, then followed by feedback about your point of strength & weakness so that you can optimize or work on them.  


Our  Partners of Success