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CIC is known for its hands-on approach in delivering a high quality education as well as providing a wealthy university experience. Students learn in a diverse and connected atmosphere with emphasizes placed on open classroom discussion and innovative ideas. CIC grants credit for work done at another college or university to each admitted transfer student on an individual basis after careful evaluation. The tips below are helpful in explaining the process of evaluating and transferring your credit hours as long as they meet CIC’s admission requirements.


General Transfer Credits Admission Requirements: (Also applies for students transferring to a different school)

  • The transfer student must meet the high school percentage requirement of the CIC in the year the student receives the high school certificate.
  • No students can transfer to CIC in the 4th year in Business or in the 4th and 5th year in Engineering or in the 4th year in Mass Communication.
  • Students must not withdraw their credentials and files from their home institutions until they get the Ministry approval for the regular program and the Canadian University approval for dual programs.
  • Upon the approval of the ministry of Higher Education, transfer students are responsible to pick up the letter by which they can withdraw their files from their home institutions. Transfer students are held responsible to withdraw their files to be submitted to CIC.
  • Transfer students will also need to sit for a placement exam upon which the English level course is specified as CIC does not equalize any English courses from other educational institutions.
  • Suspended students cannot transfer to the same school.
  • Students suspended twice cannot be accepted.
  • Suspended students for any academic integrity cases will not be accepted.
  • The student acceptance will be pending upon the Ministry approval for CIC Regular Program & Partner Universality in case of Dual & Canadian Program
  • The students’ transcript will list the transferred courses as a Transfer Credit (TC) with no grades shown or calculated in the cumulative GPA.

Transfer Admission Rules to the same school:

  • Students transferring from a credit hour based system must have a cumulative GPA not less than 2.00-4.00 (only for MCOM and Business majors).
  • Students transferring from other educational institutions must have a passing grade and a confirmation that the student is eligible to be promoted to the next level.
  • Transfer students must be enrolled in their home educational institutions No student is accepted if is studying independently.
  • Transfer credits from other accredited educational institutions cannot exceed 50% of the total program of study courses.
  • For students transferring to the School of Engineering, they must show proof of passing the following subjects:
  • Math I and Math II
  • Physics I and Physics II
  • Mechanics I
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Engineering Production
  • The student must not have repeated a course more than three times.
  • The student must not have failed more than two Engineering core courses.







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