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We have a vibrant campus life that reflects our students and their interests. Our campus is always busy with activities, that engage our students socially outside the classroom, helping to foster friendships and personal skills. Some of these campus activities include concerts, sports tournaments, community service & charity, public speakers and of course the daily events organized by different student clubs.



We always encourage our students to lead well-rounded, healthy lives. We have many athletic facilities on campus, including a fully equipped gym, volleyball and basketball courts, table tennis, and two soccer fields, allowing students to engage in healthy activities at any time. With these facilities, we promote healthy lifestyles, discipline, teamwork, and leadership development outside of the classroom.

We also have a successful football team, who trains on campus and competes in national competitions. The team proudly represents CIC’s dedication and work ethic everywhere they play.


With our dedication to educational excellence, we frequently host distinguished guests who give presentations. Students are able to attend these presentations and listen to experienced professionals speak on a variety of topics, which are often followed by Q&A sessions. In this way, we ensure that students are widening their perspectives beyond their academics by learning about real-world careers. In the past year, we have hosted the Canadian Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, His Excellency Canadian Ambassador to Egypt Troy Lulashnyk, and York University President Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri.